“Imagination creates reality” Richard Wagner

Production Designer, Costume Designer


Home: 1026 Budapest,Hungary
Mobile: + 36 70 242 83 03
E-mail: viktoriaviragnagy@gmail.com

I graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 2000 with a degree in stage and costume design. During my first year I studied fine art painting, which has left a strong influence on my way of seeing to this day. My approach to design is characterised by a colourful and experimental outlook, and this is reflected in my work for contemporary and classical ballet, theatrical fairy tales, and performances in experimental theatre. I have also worked frequently designing sets for feature films and television shows. My work has been used and acclaimed in almost all major and minor Hungarian theatres, over the past decade. I have been teaching stage and set design in the Theater and Film University for the past few years.


2003. Italy, Macerata, Scenography Fellowship
1995-2000. Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts – Painting/ Set and Costume Design Department
1990-1995. Nyíregyháza, Art High School – Set and Costume Design Department

Collective Exhibitions

2012 Hungary Pécs, Pécs Galery
2010 Hungary Budapest, Olof Palme House
2004 Hungary Budapest, Museum of Pesterzsébet, Gaál Imre Gallery
2003 Italy Macerata, Thearto Lauro Rossi
2000 Hungary Nyíregyháza, City Gallery
1998 Hungary Szentedre, Theatrum Gallery
1993 Hungary Nyíregyháza, The gallery of the Móricz Zsigmond Theater

2003 Hungary Budapest, National Course Book Agency Gallery
1994 Hungary Debrecen “A” Gallery

Film, TV, Animation – Production Design

2015 What is this Circus?
Documentary about Recirquel
(Production design, Costum Design)
Directed by: Glória Halász, Dániel Tiszeker

2014 Dark Woods II.
(Stand by Art Director)
Directed by: Pal Martin Oie
Production designer:Martin Gant

2014 Lily Trail
(Art Director)
Directed by: Benedek Fliegauf
2014 Stands Behind – TV Film
(Costume Designer)
Directed by: Tamás Zilahy

2014 Comedy Central Presents – TV Show
(Production Designer)
Directed by: Péter László

2014 Assassin’s Crew Unity II. part
3D Animation
(Costume Design Consulent)
DIGIC Pictures

2013 Comedy Central Presents – TV Show
(Production Designer)
Directed by: Péter László

2013 Assassin’s Crew Unity
3D Animation
(Costume Design Consulent)
DIGIC Pictures

2012 Comedy Central Presents – TV Show
(Production Designer)
Directed by: Péter László



2011 The Magic Flute
Opera Film
Duna TV
(Production Designer & Costume Designer)
Directed by: Csaba Káel

2011 News TV
(Production Designer)
Directed by: Zsolt Nagy-Antal

2008 Railway Station -TV Series
(Production Designer)
Duna TV
Directed by: Zsolt Balogh

2006 Liberté ‘56’-Movie
(Costume designer)
Directed by: Attila Vidnyánszky

2002 The End
(Production Designer)
Directed by: Márton Vécsei

1999 Television News Debrecen TV
(Production Designer)

1999 Melody of the Street
(Production Designer)
Directed by: Dianna Groó

1998 The Blue Eyed
(Production Designer & Costume Designer)
A film based on the novel: Someone Knocking
Directed by: Diána Groó

Theater, Opera, Balle – Set & Costume Design

2017 Recirquel Company: Adieu!
(Set&Costume Design)
Budapest Müpa
Directed by: Bence Vági, Neil Ficher

2016 Mihály Vörösmarthy: Csongor and Tünde
(Set and Costume Design)
Hungarien National Theater, Budapest
Directed by Attila Vidnyánszky

2015 Bence Vági: Paris by Night
Palace of Arts, Budapest
Directed by: Bence Vági

2015 Gábor Kállai R. : The Customs Lady
(Costume Design)
Directed by: Mária Harangi

2011 W. A. Mozart: The Magic Flute
(Set and Costume Design)
Szombathely, Open Air Theatre of Iseum
Directed by: Csaba Káel

2010 Klára Pataky: The Cloud Man
(Costume Design)
Budapest, MU Theatre
Directed by: Klára Pataky

2009 Verdi: The Sicilian Vespers
(Costume design)
Budapest, Hungarian State Opera House
Directed by: Matthias Von Stegman

2009 Prospero Campany: Matruska
(Light and visual design)
Budapest, Bakelit MAC
Directed by: Carlos Rodero

2008 Klára Pataky: Basta Cosí!
(Set design)
Budapest, MU Theatre
Director-choreographer: Klára Pataky

2007 Mihály Kornis: Körmagyar
(Set-and costume design)
Budapest, Pesti Theatre

2006 Klára Pataky: Butterfly Ballad
(Costume design)
Budapest, Merlin Theatre
Director – choreographer: Klára Pataky

2006 Neil Simon: Odd Couple
(Set-and costume design)

2004 Folk Ballads after János Arany: Orphan Lázár
(Costume design)
Székesfehérvár, Vörösmarthy Theatre
Directed by: Tamás Réczei

2004 Tom Johnson: The Four Note Opera
(Set and costume design)
Budapest, Millenáris Theatre